My Shattered Subconscious

Time to pick up the pieces. Again.

Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash

Of course, this won’t work if you’re fragmented, which is to say limiting social media and time in front of screens, when possible, is very important to de-fragging your subconscious, too. This isn’t a luddite position — it’s more or less established science at this point. If, too, like me, you can be obsessive, it can be important to wall yourself off from exterior things that distress, like the news. All of that “noise” is otherwise competing in your mind with what you want to get done writing-wise — even if it’s the noise you want to write about, or the news.

At the time of this discovery, I’d been plodding along on a draft of my novel for the previous year. I was stalling as I approached the MIDDLE. No matter how many hours my bum was in the chair, progress was unsatisfyingly slow. Indecision paralyzed me with each new scene. A layer of doubt accumulated on my laptop, preventing my fingers from gaining purchase on the keys. I’d type, hit backspace, get pissed off. Reliably, my inner Ursula would sashay into my headspace to tell me I was a stupid waste of space before tightening the tentacles until I tapped out for the day. Poor unfortunate soul.

Functioning Perfectionist. Library Enthusiast. Recovering Lawyer. Stay-at-Home Mom. Not so patiently writing my first novel from five to seven each morning.

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